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February 2015

Oscar 2015

This is the first year that I think that the Oscars have done everything right in terms of the winners. All of the wins are well deserved especially Birdman for best picture. Even though I loved Whiplash, I’m not upset that Birdman got the award. It is a great movie that I would love to see again. It also has an amazing story, filming technique and acting throughout.


There were no shocks for the acting with JK Simmons winning Best Supporting actor while telling us to call our mums and dads. Patricia Arquette won Best Supporting Actress and told us about equal rights with Meryl Streep cheering her on. Julianne Moore won Best Actress for Still Alice, a film I have yet to see. Eddie Redmayne got Best Actor and showed the world why we love him more and more every day. A surprising emotional speech came from Graham Moore who got Best adapted Screenplay for the Imitation Game. He spoke about the moment when he was 16 and wanted to kill himself. He showed everyone there that you shouldn’t give up on life while giving hope to young people who are going through things that he had.

Big Hero 6 finally got the award it deserved by winning Best Animated Feature. This makes me so happy that The Lego Movie didn’t get nominated. Alejandro won Best Director and showed that foreigners are great at making films from storytelling to visuals and direction.

The award that I was most excited for was Best Original Song. We got to see the performances ranging from weird (Everything is Awesome) to boring ( sorry Adam Levine) to being emotional ( John Legend and Common who made some of the audience members cry, particularly Chris Pine and David Oyelowo). Obviously, Glory won with John Stephen and Lonnie Lynn aka Legend and Common. They both gave a powerful speech about how the march has impacted people today no matter what religion, race, gender or sexuality you may be.

    I’ve always known that Lady Gaga can sing but recently, she has made me love her even more. This is because we know get to hear her voice without any gimmicks and the awards were no exception. She gave the best performance of the night singing a Sound Of Music medley to celebrate the films 50 year anniversary. To top it all of, Julie Andrews was there and cheered her on. This shows how music can make such a big impact on film.

Now, let’s get to the hosting. People have said that Neil Patrick Harris was a boring host and I agree. He started off very strong with his musical number but then, everything was not awesome afterwards. It was dull and boring. I even forgot that he was the host at times. The only good bits that he had was the Birdman and Whiplash reference, the dress joke and when he sang the theme for the commercial ad JK was in. The only thing that actually saved the show was the music.

Overall, the Oscars was average. Most of the winners were expected and the ones that weren’t still deserved it. The performances were the best part and it is what will make people remember in the future.


BAFTAs 2015

This is the second time that I have reviewed the BAFTAs on this blog. Since the first time I had watched it, I was in love with this award show. This year was different. I didn’t feel as excited as I was all those years ago. Maybe all the hype was gone or maybe it was around the time that I had a deadline coming up for coursework. I don’t know.

 Anyway, the awards for the night were decently good. The Lego movie, the film that got snubbed by the Oscars won for best animation. For me, I don’t think that it is the best animation for 2014 but it was good. Patricia Arquette won for best supporting actress for her amazing performance in Boyhood. The award that I was excited to see, supporting actor was given to J.K. Simmons as the ruthless teacher in Whiplash. A performance that I love more and more, every time I watch it.

Best Actress was given to Julianne Moore in Still Alice, a film that I have still yet to see. Best actor was given to Eddie Redmayne for the theory of everything, a movie about the love story of Jane and Stephen Hawking. This was a hard category to figure out who was going to win as there were a lot of incredible male actors in 2014.

Richard Linklater won best director for boyhood. This was well deserved because it is something that we have never seen in cinema before, a story filmed over 12 years. It took cinematic experience to a whole new level. The big award, best film went to Boyhood. The speech given by the main actor who plays the boy was emotional. You knew how much this meant to him as it is something that was part of his life growing up. This movie also shouldn’t have won because it is overrated and is something that is only at that position based on its achievement. I feel that either Birdman or Whiplash should have won.

In all, the awards were ok. Nothing really special because we are halfway into award season. This makes it easier to know what is going to happen.

Selma (2015)

This is the movie that I have anticipated for 2015 Oscar season. I had missed the chance to see it on Martin Luther King day so I had to wait for the official release date.

This is a film about Martin Luther King and his march on Selma.

I love this movie, especially because it talks about what happens after the ‘I have a dream’ speech. This is something that I have never heard about, so it was great to see this.

You got to see how MLK was a symbol for hope that black people in American can vote, while showing that he is human and has struggles in order to become the voice for the people. David Oyelowo displays the great emotions that can be seen sometimes just in his eyes. He should’ve got an Oscar nomination because I didn’t recognise him at all in this role. I felt that I was watching the real MLK in front of my eyes.

As well as having a story for MLK, we got to have a connection with some of the characters which showed that this was much more than a MLK film. It’s a movie about everyone who was involved and how they changed history.
It doesn’t shy away from the violence. It is not gory like most historical films but it does have slow motion violence that really hits you.The scene on the bridge represents this because you got to see that all they wanted was a peaceful protest and it turned into a violent event. It shows the hatred that the town had for the change. I believe that the long shots that they used for scenes such as this helped to make them powerful. Ava, the director of this incredible story has given a  great direction  and should’ve also got an Oscar nomination for this.

The best thing about this movie is the song. It’s so powerful and fits the scenario well. It is the first time that I have ever listened to the lyrics from first listen. It teaches us all about the history from the past and how it has affected the future. This will definitely get its Oscar win.

I have given this movie a 9/10 and recommend to anyone who loves history and great drama.

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