This is the movie that I have anticipated for 2015 Oscar season. I had missed the chance to see it on Martin Luther King day so I had to wait for the official release date.

This is a film about Martin Luther King and his march on Selma.

I love this movie, especially because it talks about what happens after the ‘I have a dream’ speech. This is something that I have never heard about, so it was great to see this.

You got to see how MLK was a symbol for hope that black people in American can vote, while showing that he is human and has struggles in order to become the voice for the people. David Oyelowo displays the great emotions that can be seen sometimes just in his eyes. He should’ve got an Oscar nomination because I didn’t recognise him at all in this role. I felt that I was watching the real MLK in front of my eyes.

As well as having a story for MLK, we got to have a connection with some of the characters which showed that this was much more than a MLK film. It’s a movie about everyone who was involved and how they changed history.
It doesn’t shy away from the violence. It is not gory like most historical films but it does have slow motion violence that really hits you.The scene on the bridge represents this because you got to see that all they wanted was a peaceful protest and it turned into a violent event. It shows the hatred that the town had for the change. I believe that the long shots that they used for scenes such as this helped to make them powerful. Ava, the director of this incredible story has given a  great direction  and should’ve also got an Oscar nomination for this.

The best thing about this movie is the song. It’s so powerful and fits the scenario well. It is the first time that I have ever listened to the lyrics from first listen. It teaches us all about the history from the past and how it has affected the future. This will definitely get its Oscar win.

I have given this movie a 9/10 and recommend to anyone who loves history and great drama.