When people hear about movies based on a robot, they become worried. Not me, just watching the trailer made me excited for this movie. Here is my verdict.

Chappie is set in the future where crime is being controlled by robot police force. When one of their robots, Chappie gets stolen, he is programmed to become the first robot  to have the ability to think and feel for himself. This power makes mankind think that the Chappie is a threat that needs to be stopped.

This film had a great premise. ‘A robot that could think and feel for itself’. ‘Misunderstood by the world but deep down, he was good’. It had everything going for it so what went wrong? I know, it was completely different that what I expected it to be but not in a good way. Instead of Chappie living with his creator and being misunderstood, he lived with criminals that made him a bad robot. Criminals who I didn’t even want to sympathise with. Characters that I was wondering why we focused on them a lot and why they weren’t killed off, especially their boss who pushed Chappie into those crimes. I would’ve like it if the movie was all about the creator and Chappie rather than what I got in the final piece.

For Neil Blompkamp’s movies, I have only seen Elysium which bored me. After watching this one, I have come to a decision that I will never get high expectations ever again. I will only be disappointed. This movie has gotten a 4.5/10 because of the robot Chappie even though I was always upset when he would do any crime. It’s not your fault, Chappie.