When the book, Divergent came out, I was a fan instantly. Then, the second one came out and I got a little bit bored. I was sceptical to see this movie but then I noticed that there were a lot of changes, and thought that it could actually be better than the book.

Insurgent is the second part of the Divergent Series. 

This movie is great for a cinematic experience. I was lucky enough to see it at a screening which had the best sound and visual quality. I recommend that if you plan to watch this movie, it should be seen in IMAX 3D rather than normal 3D or 2D. It looks so much better than the first movie. Like the hunger games, it has finally found its feet in the second movie based on visuals.

 So, as you already know, there are huge differences between the movie and the book. For me, they paid off. There are some scenes that I am sad that changed but most of it, I’m happy with. The movie is still at the same level as the first. It may be a bit higher because of the visuals but I won’t stop watching the series. Most of the movies that I have watched this year have been average so this one could do no wrong. 

Shaliene as always is great as Tris. I didn’t like that the character in the books because she was aggressive and always angry all the time but in the movie, I could tolerate it a bit more. The others characters are ok. Nothing special. My favourite scenes are the stimulation scenes that Tris have. They always keeps me on the edge. 

Overall, I thought the movie was good. I don’t know if I would remember this movie in the future for the story or if I would buy the DVD but I did like the visuals. I have given this film 7/10. 

P.S. Ansel’s running in the movie was actually intended because he wanted the show that the character wasn’t very strong.