I have always been a fan of action. Over the years, I had tried to watch the movies from beginning till the end but never got chance until recently. My excitement for this movie built up until I could actually watch it.

This is a movie set after Tokyo drift where someone wants revenge on the gang after they put his brother in the hospital.

After seeing this move all I have to say is ‘that’s how it’s done, transformers!’. These films know how to bring action and a storyline together. Yeah, it may not have the best storyline in the world but it is something that is decent and consistent throughout. My favourite action scene is the one where they are coming out of a moving plane and things start to happen. It was great. People are saying that the movie feels like a superhero movie and I have to agree. I mean…., no scratches after someone tumbles off a cliff in a car isn’t real. 

I do wish that they could have more of the Rock in the movie and that they didn’t have to always show Dom and Letty’s flashbacks. It was annoying. Also, that female wrestler who was trying to act, just stop. You can’t act. Even your line was so bad. There was no tone. It just felt like she was a robot. 

Of course, this is the last movie that Paul Walker starred in before he sadly passed away. Every time I was watching him on screen, I would just remember that he is no longer with us and it is upsetting. There were times that I could tell that he wasn’t in a particular scene, that it was CGI and it really made me want him back. The final scene ended so well. They had a montage of all his clips from the first fast and furious till the previous one. At the end, he drove into the distance with the screen fading to white and a message reading ‘to Paul’. It was a great ending and I really wish that he could still be with us today. This movie should be the ending of fast and furious series because it would be perfect.

I have given this movie a 7/10 for great action and a bittersweet ending.

Update: 25th May 2015

I usually don’t do this for a movie review but because I completed this late, I have had enough time to think about this movie and the rating I have given it. I have decided to lower my rating to 6/10. This is because it has made so much money worldwide, making it the 4th biggest film of all time. I find that to be wrong because it isn’t great and it is forgettable. The only part that stands out the most is the ending.