I was curious to see this movie. On one hand, it looked interesting. On the other, it could turn out to be a typical teen flick. Here is my verdict.

This is a movie about a girl who finds out in her senior year that she’s a DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) to her prettier friends. She tries to change all of this by asking for advice from a jock, Wesley who lives next door to her, in order to get her crush to like her.

This is basically a typical teen movie. It is not up to the ‘Mean Girls’ standards, but it hasn’t gone to the ‘She’s All That’ low point. I did like the message that it has about ‘be yourself, no matter what’. You see that the typical teen situations are the same with different clicks and a typical love story. The only thing that has changed is the technology and how it has developed. We know get social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube where teens just want to share their lives to the world. That is why the message is so important, showing us that any embarrassing things that might be online isn’t the end of the world. You just need to try and embrace it. Don’t let cyberbullying bring you down.
I did like the some of the actors, particularly Mae Whitman who plays the main character, Bianca. She has this charm throughout the movie. Bella Thorne who plays the mean girl, Maddison was weak throughout. I think that if they got a better actor for the role, the character would’ve been more intimidating.

I did find some of the jokes to be immature and sexual, not in a good way. This is because my screening had some girls as young as 10. They shouldn’t have been there, especially because one of them said ‘ew’ when the guy mentioned kissing with tongue.

I think this film was trying so hard to be like Mean Girls but it isn’t. Mean Girls is a teen flick that has so much charisma and comedic charm, making it iconic. This one had an original idea that could be unique but turned it into a movie that I was sick and tired of seeing over and over again. It was also faced paced, making everything that has happened on screen not connect with the audiences.

Overall, I was satisfied that I got to see when it came out because of the message but I wouldn’t remember it, making it a forgettable teen flick.I have given this movie a 4.5/10 for the message and a small amount of performances.