To celebrate the release of Pitch Perfect 2, I have decided to review the movie that starts it all, Pitch Perfect.

This was the first film that I found out about by watching new trailers on YouTube. I saw Pitch Perfect in the worst cinema that you could ever go to as there were people constantly shouting at the screen.

This film is about a girl called Beca who has a dream of being a DJ but is forced by her dad to go to college. In the school, she is forced to join an acapella group which she later finds out is cool.

What I liked about this film was that it was funny as a whole and there were references which will be memorable in years to come like ‘accacuse me’.I liked the fact that they were singing in accapella because it made it more interesting and you felt like you wanted to join one of those groups. It also made accapella groups seem cool.

Even though I wasn’t a big fan of Twilight (I only watched the movies to see why people loved it so much and after 3 years since the last one, I still don’t understand why), I still loved Anna Kendrick. Her performance in Up In The Air was fantastic and she is really good at comedy. I suprised at how amazing she is at singing. I have never seen her Broadway performances before so this was a complete shock.

This was our first introduction to Rebel Wilson and boy, was it a great one. Her comedic timing was spot on and I loved her one liners, they made me laugh.

Overall, this is a film that I can watch over and over again without getting sick and tired of the same thing. It also has fantastic singing. I have given it an 8/10.