When a pitch for the sequel came up, it was perfect (pun intended). I love the first one so much and my hype grew even more when I started to see still images, including one from my favourite group, Pentatonix. When the first trailer came out, there was something wrong. I wasn’t as excited as I was when I saw the images. This pattern started to happen more and more as the trailers came along. Then I realised something, the trailers weren’t as new and fresh as the previous movie. Everything was just bland.

This is a sequel to the incredibly, surprisingly successful Pitch Perfect. After publicly embarrassing themselves in front of the whole nation, the Barden Bellas are pulled out of the American competition. They decide to enter the international competition so that they can win back the nation.

When I got a chance to see this movie, I didn’t have high expectations because I knew that it wasn’t going to be great. The cinema was packed because I went to a late screening. As I was watching the movie, it occurred to me that the volume had been at a low point compared to other movies in the cinema. This made my opinions about Pitch Perfect 2 worsen by the second.

The great parts in this sequel are the fact that Beca had a back story. Everything that happened in her internship was great (even though there were some girls behind me who couldn’t stop laughing, especially when nothing funny happened). Hailee Steinfeld has an incredible, surprising singing voice but her original song annoyed the hell out of me after a while. Her character is okay. Nothing special. I thought that Rebel Wilson’s Fat Amy would get on my nerves but she didn’t. She did have her funny moments. The accapella feels a bit weak in this movie for the Bellas, especially at the ending when they (spoiler alert, not really because of the predictable ending) win. I don’t feel as though they deserved it compared to the other group. After some consideration, I have decided to give this movie a 4.5/10. It is something that I am glad I went to see but I won’t revisit it. I also won’t be watch any sequel or spin-offs as I feel the original is and always will be the best.

P.S. If you are watching a movie in a cinema, remember that this isn’t real. So don’t clap if the people in the movie are doing so and most especially, don’t take any pictures. It distracts people around you. Thank you.

Update 4th July 2015:

They are making Pitch Perfect 3.