As soon as I saw the teaser trailer for this movie, I was excited to watch it. I have loved Brad Bird’s films since The Iron Giant.

A teenager goes on a mission with a former boy genius to uncover the secret of a place that is out of this world.

This film is visually spectacular. It was a good thing that I watched it in IMAX. It suits the futuristic world. The story was very interesting. I feel as though I put too much hype into the movie that I felt a bit disappointed with the end result. It is good but it isn’t really what I expected it to be.

The actors were great. George Clooney brought it as always and Britt Robinson was good. Her character always gave us hope when it wasn’t there. The girl who plays Athes is incredible. I loved her character so much. She was a strong willed young female and it is good to see it in this movie.

There is a strong message that has been put out saying that bad things may happen in this world and humanity needs to do something about it to make it better instead of listing all the bad things that are wrong in this world. This is something to live by.

The first 2 hours are all about the journey to Tomorrowland. It is great to see how we end up in this world and where it may be. Once we get there, the storyline isn’t as exciting. We get some touching and serious moments here and there but it is a weak part of the movie that isn’t engaging and can drag the magic out. I don’t blame the writers at all because it may have been hard for them to create something as memorable as the first part. It just let me down.

For that reason alone, I am giving this movie a 7.5/10. It has a strong story at the beginning but it fails to keep up near the end.