Spy was a comedy that I actually wasn’t excited to see. Melissa Mcarthy has gone down after Bridesmaids so her movies don’t interest me anymore (except The Heat but that was because she had a co-star that helped her out and she wasn’t the main character in that movie).

Spy is a movie in which spies have people working in the office who tell them what todo through an earpiece. When a threat comes and all their spies have been compromised, they would need to hire someone indoors who is unrecognisable to take over the case.

This one actually caught me by surprised because it was good. The ending, I’m not a big fan of but before then, it was good. I like seeing Melissa as an action star as well as a comedian. It was one of the reason why I liked The Heat so much. They brought all those charming traits from that movie into Spy and it was awesome. She should do more roles such as this one. It suits her. Miranda Hart is amazing, as usual. They both seem similar and play off each other very well. The plot is confusing and doesn’t blend well but it is ok because you are just here for the comedy.

I was surprised at how funny Jason Statham can be. Every time he would explain how ruthless and untouchable he was, he’d alway made me laugh. I wished that there was more of him. Rose Byrne is good as well.
Overall, it is not one that I would want to go back to like Bridemaids but it is good. I have given this movie a 5.5/10.