I first saw this trailer before I watched the DUFF. It looked interesting and I was intreaged to see it, but a bit spectacle. It was a rom-com, a genre that I have been fading in and out of because A. I don’t find comedy films as funny as the they used to be in the 80s, 90s and early 00s. B. It has romance, a genre that I haven’t been able to get into like most people. For example, when I first watched titanic, I didn’t cry, I researched the story after I had watched the movie to find out if the love story was true or not. When I found out that part was fake, I told everyone about it, including my mum who loved the movie at the time. So to conclude, this genre isn’t my type. The only reason that I invested my time in watching this film is because I watched a good review about man up and British films have now gotten much better than before.

This is about a women in her 30s who doesn’t believe in love anymore. While on a journey to her parents house, she gets mistaken for a girl who was supposed to go on a blind date with a particular guy. Instead of correcting him, she just goes along with it.

I loved this movie. It was so great to see a comedy which wasn’t actually trying to force itself to be one. It was simple and plain, but so effective. The main character just wanted to take a chance on life and she did. It is isn’t something that I would rush out to see again in the cinema but I would recommend it to anyone and I’ll probably watch it when it’s released on DVD or TV.

Lake Bell does a great British accent that I thought it was her natural accent throughout, then I remembered that she was on What Happened In Vegas and she is actually American. It was great to know that she stayed in character until they stopped filming because it shows how invested she was in the movie. Simon Pegg can do no wrong. He is also great on screen and it is is good to see him in this kind of genre.

There were some parts that I wasn’t happy about, mainly the part when he finds out who she really is 35 minutes into the movie but overall, it was great to see something different for a change apart from Oscar nominated movies and big blockbusters. I have given it a 7.5/10.