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June 2015

Jurassic World (2015)

When I heard that they were remaking Jurassic Park, I wasn’t excited. I love the first one because it looks so real, especially because most of it was animatronic dinosaurs. The scene where the ground shakes and you see the cup move is the best one in that movie. It also has a great ending.

My excitement only built up when I had heard good reviews about Jurassic World, so I decided to give it a chance. I didn’t want to watch it in IMAX because I thought I had wasted my money but after watching the film, I think I picked the wrong choice.

Jurassic World is set 20 years after Jurassic Park. The amusement park has now been developed with a lot of tourist coming to visit. They decide to create a new breed to increase visitation but all goes wrong as it escapes.

I was suprised that I was in suspense the whole time I was watching this. It was actually really good. I wasn’t a big fan of the CGI at first, but after while I got used to it. I love the look of the park. It was great. I still miss the practical affects because I think this film won’t hold up in the long run. The best scene was when they watched a show where one of the dinosaurs was eating another for a show. It made me think of sea world and how you always love to be at the splash zone in that park and see something spectacular in front of your eyes (Before you start to comment about how Sea World mistreat the Dolphins, just remember that the first and last time I went to Sea World was when I was 10 and didn’t hear anything about the mistreatment).

The characters are good. At times they felt a bit too dramatic. The scene where you see Chris Pratt trying to calm a dinosaur down before it died nearly made me tear up. This is because of the emotion that they put into the creature. It shows that CGI can be used for good. 
I like that we focused on each one which made the 2 kids, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard all equals as the main characters. They all tried so hard to make it unique while still remembering the first movie and although at times it wasn’t perfect, it was entertaining. When they all met up, their scenes weren’t as strong as when they were separated. I like that they used the same theme song from the original movie. It brought nostalgia back to me. All the little clues from the first one such as the final scene from Jurassic Park and trucks also brought my hype up. A bit too much at times but I don’t have a very good memory of the first one so it was fine. 

I felt a bit too long but when the final big scene came up, I didn’t want it to end. It was so intriguing, especially the last scenes. It reminded me a bit of Godzilla and how that film ended. Someone mentioned that they were scared at some of the scenes and I have to agree. This may be the reason why I was always at the edge of my seat. I was scared of what might happen next even though I knew what was going to happen. All in all, I was suprised by the outcome and although I might not watch this again, I recommend it in IMAX and whoever loves this franchise will love this one.

 I have given it a 7/10.  

P.S. I loved that I got to see Jimmy Fallon in this. I also watch his tonight show so when he appeared, I screamed in my head and just smiled.


Jurassic Park (1993)

Lately, I have been watching some old films to see if they live up to today and if I still love them as much as I did the first time I saw it. This one came up mainly because of the release of Jurassic World and also because I wanted to buy the Blu Ray. 

Jon Hammond has created a park where he invites a scientist, 2 dinosaur experts, a lawyer and his grandkids to experience the park and give it a approval. When his son brings the electricity down, they all must find a way to escape from the dinosaur and find a way out of the island.

I had only seen this movie twice prior to this viewing. First, when I was really little and I thought everything was real. The second time was about 3 years ago. I didn’t think it was great at the time but I loved the animatronics.

 This time, I love it even more than the second viewing. This is because I understand the story a bit more. They have all come to see this island but when they realise that they have created dangerous dinosaurs and made all of them female, they think that this is a bad idea which it is. They have never been in a world that had man, they were extinct before humans ever existed, so they eat anything in their wake. The CGI doesn’t hold up but the animatronics are still fantastic, I don’t know how they made them so life like.

 My favourite scene is the kitchen scene because it kept me on suspense. Nothing can beat that moment and how I felt at the time. The children were excellent. I love that Laura Dern’s character was always helping and we had no female damsel in distress. Even at that time, they were all still equals. I like the scene when Richard Attenborough’s character mentions that she is a women so she can’t fix electricity and Laura’s characters says that she will have a sexism talk with him when she comes back. It tells us that she wasn’t going to have any of that. 

Sam Neil is great as the miserable guy who doesn’t like kids and Jeff Goldblum is good as the scientist ( especially his laugh, it cracks me up everytime I hear it). I love seeing Richard Attenborough laugh and smile in this movie, it shows that he enjoyed being in this film. It is one of the reasons I miss him so much. Overall this was great and deserves an 8.5/10.

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