Today I decided to do something different, watch a documentary in the cinema about someone’s life. Not just anyone’s life but the ups and downs of Amy Winehouse. When I first heard about this singer, I knew that she had a real, authentic voice but her public image made me uninterested in her. My love of her music stayed but I would only listen to the ones that I heard on the music channels or found on YouTube. I wasn’t as sad as most people when she died but when this movie was made and announced that the guy who directed Senna made this one, my interest grew. I loved the movie Senna because it took a part of history and a sport that I didn’t like and made me want to know more about the guy’s life. This documentary to me was sad.

It’s about Amy Winehouse’s life and how she just wanted to make music but had to deal with different problems in life such as drugs, depression, alcohol and fame.

There is a point in her life (the Serbia concert) where she just gives up. People say that her best album is back to black but when you listen to it and read the lyrics, it just explains her troubled life there and then. People keep blaming her then husband or her dad for all the pain that she had but I think that she was vulnerable from the start and everything that happened in her life could have been the cause to push her over the edge.

After watching this movie, something surprising happened. Everyone was silent walking out of the movie theatre and didn’t say a word because we had just witnessed a tragic sad story that we could never recovered from and our hatred and uninterest that we may have had before watching this screening has gone out of the window. This deserves a 7/10 for the great editing of clips done by the filmmakers.