This is a film that I have been trying to see. I missed out on a preview once and I wanted to see it early because it was being released on the 24th July in the UK and that is a long wait from the 19th June release in the U.S. I finally got to see it as part of the slackers club (membership where students can watch movies for free less than a month before the release date).

Inside Out is about a girl called Riley and how she and her emotions- Joy, Fear, Disgust and Sadness deal with her move to a new school, house and city.

I loved this movie so much. It didn’t exceed my expectations but it meet them and they were high. It brought up so many different emotions (pun intended). I love that we get to see the journey of how the emotions came to be when Riley was born and how they brought up her different traits. It tells us that we all need out different emotions to help us in life. When we are sad, friends and families help us to become happy again. Fear just shows that we may have something we are scared of and that’s ok. Anger helps us let out things that might be bothering us and Disgust shows that underneath, we still care.

The story was predictable at times but that’s ok. It had a beautiful ending that made most people in my audience tear up, even I nearly had that moment but I think the joy inside me helped see that this is something that I rewatch as it has a great moral.

This film also talked about teamwork and how it is important to have all the different traits and include them in tasks. You may have a leader but not everything that they do could be right for what’s best in the team. Including everyone in different tasks is what makes you achieve your goal. The way memories are placed in our mind is amazing. This film showed a great deal. It shows that thing that might not be important can be forgotten. It also shows there is a whole other world in our mind besides emotions such as imagination, dreams, core memories which we hold on forever and make us who we are.

This deserves a 9/10 and could beat Toy Story as my number 5 spot for the best Disney/Pixar movie of all time. Pixar is back, baby.

P.S I wasn’t very fond of the short. I think Disney wins that round with Paperman and Feast. Also, everytime I see someone’s face expression, I will always think about which emotion is taking over.

Update 19th July 2015: I saw this at a special screening with a Q & A with the director and producer. This movie is even better on a second viewing. It dealt a lot with depression and how we don’t alway stay the same happy child we used to be. We change because we are growing up. I even found myself crying at a certain scene.

Update 13th August 2015: watched this in 3D for the first time. I prefer the 2d version but the 3D isn’t that bad. Also, the ending always gets to me even though I know what is coming up.