This was the first time that I wasn’t excited to see a Marvel movie the first time I heard about it. The first trailer didn’t impress me and I was upset that Edgar Wright wasn’t directing it anymore because he had made one of my favourite movies Scott Pilgrim vs the world. The second trailer did get me excited but not as much as the previous Marvel movies.

After watching this, I have come to the verdict that it was good. I had the same feeling that I had when I watched Captain America. It wasn’t the best compared to the over comic book movies but it wasn’t bad. It may have a one up on the first Captain America. Paul Rudd was great as the Ant Man. Can’t wait for his return as the character. I loved Michael Douglas’ character. I hope that his character comes in the future marvel movies. I like that they had a strong female character that was played by Evangeline Lily. Since The Hobbit, I have always been excited to see which strong female character she would play next. 

Michael Pena’s character was by far my favourite. Every time he came on screen, he made me laugh. I was just excited to see what he would do next. The Easter eggs that appeared in this movie was what made it strong and the fact that it was a heist. Again, I find that their villain is weak. I get that we have to focus on building the character up but can we just have one marvel cinematic movie where I actually remember the villain throughout and not wish that they had another hydra plan or a Loki. This is something that marvel need to work on otherwise their franchise could weaken. I mean, I’m more excited for Batman v Superman than Civil War. 

Overall it was good and it gets a 7.5/10.