I haven’t been much of a fan of comedies. There are three reasons why. A. they are not as great as they used to be. B. they rely on the same jokes and C. Adam Sandler. He ruined comedy. When I first heard about the concept of this film, it seemed interesting. It wasn’t until I saw the trailer with actors such as Kevin James and Adam Sandler that my interest decreased.


Pixels is a movie about a couple of guys who were good at video games in the 80s having to save the world from giant 80s video games invading the earth.

It’s official, Adam Sandler can only make bad comedy movies. This movie wasn’t funny. I only laughed 3 times and they were mainly just chuckles. The person next to me asked their friend if it was over yet because it was so bland.

25 minutes into the movie, there was a part that I just wanted to turn it off but I couldn’t and you know why, because I was at the cinema and I had to watch it for the entire duration otherwise I would’ve waisted my money on snacks and travel. The love interest was so predictable that I didn’t want it to occur. The only okay actors in this movie were Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad. Everyone else were boring. I nearly fell asleep watching this. Also, it doesn’t need to be in 3D because there is nothing special about it. It’s also really forgettable. I feel like I won’t remember anything about this tomorrow.

The way that British people are portrayed is actually a little bit offence. We don’t come out with nonsense dialogue and we are not stupid.

I have given this movie a 1.5/10 and it is definitely the worst movie I have seen this year. Jupiter Ascending should be so happy that I haven’t watched that abomination of a film.

P.S. I loved seeing q-pert on the screen. Even though I never grew up playing with that character, I have loved him since Wreck-it Ralph.