When I first heard that they were turning Paper Towns into a movie, I was upset. The book wasn’t great and between all of the books John Green has created, The Fault in our Stars and Looking for Alaska deserve to be made into a feature. After finding out that the same team who filmed The Fault in our Stars were coming back, I was a little more hopeful but for some reason, I wasn’t that excited for the movie. I even nearly forgot about the special screening I attended. Thankfully, all went well.

After watching this movie, I have to admit that I enjoyed it. The revenge plot was great and the journey to find Margo was hilarious. I will definitely hang out with all of them if I ever were to meet them. I was happy to hear Pokemon theme song in the movie as I have watched the first season of the original show and the first movie. I have to thank my TV for breaking down at the time and allowing me to only have access to five channels. I got to discover so many shows, Pokemon being one of them. Anyways, the theme song brought joy to my life.

I like the ending that they changed. While I was reading the book, this was something that annoyed me. *Spoilers* Margo was so mean and rude to everyone when she found out that they all came looking for her and in the movie, she just explains to Q her purpose of leaving and even though you know she only cares about herself, she isn’t mean or trying to be mean. She feels bad that Q tried to look for her. Also, our surprised guest was really a surprise. Everyone at my screening was shocked. Good job to the team for keeping this under wraps, even though there are some clues on who the guest actually is.

Cara was great as Margo. Sure, she wasn’t there for long but when she was, her character was effective. She will do a great job in Suicide Squad. Her American accent does fade away at times but it was fine. Nat Wolf plays an incredible Q. I found his character to be believable to being shy. The other supporting characters all stand out and have their shining moment. My favourite scenes have to be the parts when they all just let loose.

All in all, it has a great message telling us that sometimes you may perceive someone as one thing but they turn out to be completely different from your imagination. Also, you might be reaching out for a perfect life with friends and loved ones when it all could be right in front of you.

I have given this an 8/10. It didn’t make me emotional as Fault in our stars but it is still great and better than the book. I will definitely watch it again when it is released.