This movie worried me from the beginning. I had never seen the original Fantastic Four movie and the ones that they made in the early 2000s were okay. The second one is horrible but I can go through the first. Anyway, the trailers for this movie didn’t excite me. At times, they were fine but nothing special. I had heard bad reviews prior to watching this film but I chose to ignore it because I wanted to have my own opinion.

This film is the origin of the Fantastic Four.

In conclusion, this movie sucked. The scenes building up to the characters getting their powers are redeemable. It was a slow build up but it was fine. Everything else was horrible. Even trying to look for a good poster wasn’t possible. At one point, I wanted to leave the cinema and when it was near the end, I just wanted the movie to finish and I didn’t want to see any post credit scenes. If i did, I may have been interest in a sequel and that would mean that I still holding up on hope. They should do what Sony did and team up with Marvel for this franchise or just give it back completely.

I don’t know how Fox could go wrong, they have done an amazing job with X Men, a movie with so many characters but they can’t do a great job with four superheroes. The Thing was bad and the action scenes were horrendous. It didn’t even looked believable. There was so much build up and not enough action. We even see first 7 years ahead and second 1 year ahead in the space of an hour. Disappointing all the way. This deserves 4.5/10 and I will tell everyone to stay clear of Pixels and this movie.