The first time I had ever watched the Mission Impossible series was a week ago. I hadn’t been able to get into the series in the past and after hearing a lot of good things about Ghost Protocol, I thought that I had to watch the series first before I watched the fourth one. It was also good timing because the fifth instalment was coming out.

When I watched the first Mission Impossible and the scene that had Tom Cruise jump out of a window, I thought that it was amazing and his run is awesome. I skipped the second movie after I found it boring in the first 6 minutes. I decided to use CinemaSims to help me understand the storyline and while I was watching it, I was so glad that I skipped this one.

When I watched the third instalment, I realised something, they have completely ignored the second movie which was a good move on their part. The third movie brought the franchise back to life and there is only one person who could do that, J.J Abrams. From this to Star Trek, he always seems to bring back franchise that may be considered as dead or have no hope in the future. He has even made me excited for Star Wars and I don’t like Star Wars. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have Ghost Protocol. The fourth instalment was incredible and is definitely my favourite. It also built up my hype for the fifth.

This movie was intense. The action scenes were spot on. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time, especially for the water scene and I couldn’t blink watching the motorcycle/car chase scene. This is the second best mission impossible after Ghost Protocol and slightly ahead of the first instalment. 7/10 because it is a fun and silly time at the movies. This film has made me like Tom Cruise a bit more now. Good job Tom. Keep up the good work.