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September 2015

The Intern (2015)

When I first heard about this concept, I was intreged and when I watched the first trailer, I was actually excited to see this film. I got a chance to go and watch the movie four days before it came out. I jumped at the chance and I’m glad I did.

This film is about a widow in his 70s who signs up to be a senior intern at a fashion company.

This film was so charming. It shows that even though they may be a difference in generation, there are some things that we can relate to, young and old. It had comedic moments which was great and Robert De Niro’s character is so likeable.

What I loved the most about this movie is how a women is portrayed. With films such as Suffragette and the last Hunger Games coming out, we need more movies about powerful women. Anne Hathaway’s character always talks about how hard it is to be a women in the business world which is true. People don’t take you or your job too seriously. They also think that women can’t run a business. This is something that is very important for me. I always try to break that stereotype and do something that I love whilst not letting my gender define me. It’s hard at times but I get by. I love that De Niro’s characters doesn’t care about gender as well. He always cares about the personality. It’s all about there passion and if they are good at what they do.

Sometimes, the things that Hathaway’s character does have some consequences and can make others insecure which is why she has a great partner in the senior intern. He advices her on the personal life while she helps in the business and technology life.

In the end, I enjoyed it. It was sweet and charming. I have given this movie a 7/10.


The Martian (2015)

Space movies have become a popular thing. In the past, we had Apollo 13 (which came out around my birthday) and Armeggedan. In 2013, Gravity came out which was visually spectacular and the year after that, Interstellar came out and it was all done with practical effects. What’s so different about this one? It’s set in Mars, based on a book and stars Matt Damon.

After a Mars mission gone wrong, an astronaut is left behind on Mars, presumed to be dead. He now has to fend for himself on a planet that doesn’t grow anything and find a way to communicate with earth.

I got in the theatre a couple of minutes late to this preview screening and when I got there, the 3D wasn’t working. Once everything got resolved, it took me a while to really dive in the movie but once I did, I loved it. Sure, it’s not the best movie out there but it is visually spectacular and has a stellar cast, just like all the previous space movies. The only difference is that we get to see how a man survives on Mars and it is incredible what he does in order to survive. The great part is that they explain everything to you in a way that you understand.

I was surprised that I laughed so much while watching this film. I thought that it was going to be very dramatic. Sometimes, I forgot that I was watching a movie. I felt as if I was actually on this journey. Jeff Daniels is an incredible actor. There were some weak parts here and there in the final act. It was still suspenseful but it seemed like everything happened so quick and I think it could be the due to the fact that I watched this late at night and I felt a bit tired at the end. I may need to see this movie again and see if my opinion has changed.

In the end of the day, I would recommend this to anyone who thinks that Ridley Scott has lost his touch because even though this may not be his best, it certainly did bring him back up. I have given this 8.5/10
P.S. I know want to listen to old disco music.
Update: 4th October 2015

After watching this movie again, I know appreciate it even more but I stick by my rating. It still does feel a bit too long but you are engaged throughout.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015)

I don’t know why but I wasn’t excited to see this movie. I had watched the first Maze Runner and enjoyed it for what it was, except for the ending. That was horrible. Anyways, it took me a while but I finally managed to watch the movie.

Scorch Trials is the sequel to the maze runner. They have now made it out of the maze but things are not over yet. They face a much bigger challenge with the extreme obstacles.
This movie was confusing. It seems as if this movie is separate from the first, story wise. This is not how a sequel is supposed to be. It supposed to be a continuation which resolves some of the problems from the first one. Even my friend who is a fan of the book said that it doesn’t match the original source material. It’s completely different. This shows that they only wanted to make this movie to be ahead of the YA game. It seems that Fox aren’t doing well for themselves with Fantastic Four being a flop and most fans of this series being disappointed. I hope that they can resolve this and get back on their feet. I still have hope for them.
The movie isn’t all bad. The first half was good. There are some jam packed action and suspense here that would grab people’s attention but if you are looking for something to clear up your thoughts from the first movie, I’m afraid you won’t get it here.

This film gets a 6/10. Sorry Maze Runner.

P.S. This movie also had a bad ending, making us wait for the third instalment. Don’t know if I will watch it. I have to wait and see because I have sort of given up on this franchise. Also is it me or does this movie look similar to The Last Of Us video game but the game is much better.

Everest (2015)

This is the first time that I have gone to the cinema with a film in mind and I change my opinion just as I am queuing up to buy a ticket. This was what happened in my experience today. I was planning on watching Straight Outta Compton when I decided to dive in a bit into what type of themes might be involved. Scared about watching it on the big screen, I decided to go the safe route and watch a film that hadn’t been widely released yet.

This film is based on a true story about a group of people who attempt to climb MT. Everest.

I got there a couple of minutes late because of my last minute decision so it took me a long time to dive into the movie but once I did, I was fascinated by the story. I wondered how people could do this when there is a chance that they might die, before or after climbing.

There were sad endings to this movie because of the conclusions that occurred in the people’s life. The main actor did a great job and brought emotion to the character. Everything was on his hands because he was paid to help people achieve their goal and if anything bad happened, he would get the blame.

This is one of those movies that I wouldn’t want to watch again because of how long and emotional it is. I have given it a 6/10. It was nice to watch but until the tragedy happened, there was nothing really interesting. It reminds me of Foxcather and this is a bad thing because tragedy shouldn’t make a film interesting. The journey should intrege me from the start.

P.S. May be a spoiler:

If they had tried a bit more such as going back for people at the right time, they might have survived.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)

Ever since I heard about this movie and watched the trailer, I have been excited to see this. It felt like The Fault in our Stars except the girl is the only one who has cancer and it’s not a love story. It’s a film about life and movies.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is about a guy called Greg who is in his senior year at school and has gone his whole life not socialising with people because he doesn’t want to have a connection with him. He even knows a guy named Earl who is just his co-worker because they make movies together. One day, his mother tells him to socialise with a girl called Rachel who has leukaemia and through her, he learns how important friendship is.

This movie confused me at the beginning but once I got into it, I loved it. I even want to watch it again. For me, I feel like I am Greg. My whole life I have tried to avoid people because I think that I am awkward. Even though I may have friends now, I don’t actually see them as friends because other than one particular topic, I don’t really talk to them about anything else. Like Greg, I am naive to the fact that if you talk to someone constantly, even if it may not be a diversed topic, they can still be your friend.

Rachel, the Dying Girl is so joyful and tries to have hope but sometimes, she just needs a little push like Earl. That’s why their friendship is so important. Earl is the friend who makes sense of everything and tell it like it is. If someone doesn’t like you, he’ll say it. When he sees that Earl and Rachel’s friendship is something that is important for both of them, he mentions it. Heck, he even calls Greg his friend even though Greg calls him his co-worker and doesn’t like the word ‘friend’. I loved the comedy that they added. It could be off putting at times but when it is done right, it is great. The film doesn’t shy away from the sad moments. I nearly found myself crying at the cinema a couple of times.

All the actors did an amazing job, no matter how big or small their roles may be. I also love the camera style. It reminds me of Wes Anderson movies and how they are filmed symmetrical. It’s a great style used in an effective way.

I like that the author wrote the screenplay as you know it is coming from a special place and from someone who cares about their work. The first I saw this was in The Perks of Being A Wallflower where the author was the Director and screenwriter.

This movie deserves a 9.5/10 and it is something that I would like to rewatch.

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