This is the first time that I have gone to the cinema with a film in mind and I change my opinion just as I am queuing up to buy a ticket. This was what happened in my experience today. I was planning on watching Straight Outta Compton when I decided to dive in a bit into what type of themes might be involved. Scared about watching it on the big screen, I decided to go the safe route and watch a film that hadn’t been widely released yet.

This film is based on a true story about a group of people who attempt to climb MT. Everest.

I got there a couple of minutes late because of my last minute decision so it took me a long time to dive into the movie but once I did, I was fascinated by the story. I wondered how people could do this when there is a chance that they might die, before or after climbing.

There were sad endings to this movie because of the conclusions that occurred in the people’s life. The main actor did a great job and brought emotion to the character. Everything was on his hands because he was paid to help people achieve their goal and if anything bad happened, he would get the blame.

This is one of those movies that I wouldn’t want to watch again because of how long and emotional it is. I have given it a 6/10. It was nice to watch but until the tragedy happened, there was nothing really interesting. It reminds me of Foxcather and this is a bad thing because tragedy shouldn’t make a film interesting. The journey should intrege me from the start.

P.S. May be a spoiler:

If they had tried a bit more such as going back for people at the right time, they might have survived.