I don’t know why but I wasn’t excited to see this movie. I had watched the first Maze Runner and enjoyed it for what it was, except for the ending. That was horrible. Anyways, it took me a while but I finally managed to watch the movie.

Scorch Trials is the sequel to the maze runner. They have now made it out of the maze but things are not over yet. They face a much bigger challenge with the extreme obstacles.
This movie was confusing. It seems as if this movie is separate from the first, story wise. This is not how a sequel is supposed to be. It supposed to be a continuation which resolves some of the problems from the first one. Even my friend who is a fan of the book said that it doesn’t match the original source material. It’s completely different. This shows that they only wanted to make this movie to be ahead of the YA game. It seems that Fox aren’t doing well for themselves with Fantastic Four being a flop and most fans of this series being disappointed. I hope that they can resolve this and get back on their feet. I still have hope for them.
The movie isn’t all bad. The first half was good. There are some jam packed action and suspense here that would grab people’s attention but if you are looking for something to clear up your thoughts from the first movie, I’m afraid you won’t get it here.

This film gets a 6/10. Sorry Maze Runner.

P.S. This movie also had a bad ending, making us wait for the third instalment. Don’t know if I will watch it. I have to wait and see because I have sort of given up on this franchise. Also is it me or does this movie look similar to The Last Of Us video game but the game is much better.