Space movies have become a popular thing. In the past, we had Apollo 13 (which came out around my birthday) and Armeggedan. In 2013, Gravity came out which was visually spectacular and the year after that, Interstellar came out and it was all done with practical effects. What’s so different about this one? It’s set in Mars, based on a book and stars Matt Damon.

After a Mars mission gone wrong, an astronaut is left behind on Mars, presumed to be dead. He now has to fend for himself on a planet that doesn’t grow anything and find a way to communicate with earth.

I got in the theatre a couple of minutes late to this preview screening and when I got there, the 3D wasn’t working. Once everything got resolved, it took me a while to really dive in the movie but once I did, I loved it. Sure, it’s not the best movie out there but it is visually spectacular and has a stellar cast, just like all the previous space movies. The only difference is that we get to see how a man survives on Mars and it is incredible what he does in order to survive. The great part is that they explain everything to you in a way that you understand.

I was surprised that I laughed so much while watching this film. I thought that it was going to be very dramatic. Sometimes, I forgot that I was watching a movie. I felt as if I was actually on this journey. Jeff Daniels is an incredible actor. There were some weak parts here and there in the final act. It was still suspenseful but it seemed like everything happened so quick and I think it could be the due to the fact that I watched this late at night and I felt a bit tired at the end. I may need to see this movie again and see if my opinion has changed.

In the end of the day, I would recommend this to anyone who thinks that Ridley Scott has lost his touch because even though this may not be his best, it certainly did bring him back up. I have given this 8.5/10
P.S. I know want to listen to old disco music.
Update: 4th October 2015

After watching this movie again, I know appreciate it even more but I stick by my rating. It still does feel a bit too long but you are engaged throughout.