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October 2015

It’s Back To The Future Day

Today, I want to do something special. Instead of posting three different reviews for the movies, I thought that I could combined it into one and talk about the most memorable moments about the films. I’ll also talk about what they mean to me and some things that I have noticed while re watching them.

I don’t remember the first time I watched the movies but I do remember that they have been there for most of my life. I feel like these movies are my Star Wars. Every time I watch them, I never get bored. I always get excited when anybody talks about them.

If anyone asks me to pick one out of the three, I would choose the first movie. It has so many iconic moments, most importantly, Marty Mcfly playing Johnny B Goode at a high school acne in 1955. I can rewatch that scene a million times. It has a perfect storyline and gave us incredible quotes such as “Great Scott”, “This is heavy” and best of all, “Roads, where we’re going we don’t need, Roads”. It is also the one that started it all, bringing Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and Robert Zemeckis into the movie scenery. It makes us believe that time travel can be possible.

The second movie is the reason why we are celebrating this day. Marty went to the future (21st October 2015) to help his future kids. He went with his girlfriend Jennifer and I didn’t notice before until watching this back to back that they used a different actress in the second movie. What he saw in the future were flying cars, hoverboards, an interactive hologram for Jaws 19, Flat screen TVs and so on. Back then, a lot of people were talking about how excited they were to see the future. Now, everyone is talking about how they got the future wrong. Looking back at everything they predicted, all I can do is applaud the whole team. They had a big imagination and even knowing that they may be wrong in the future, they wanted to create something that no one has seen before. They also gave people hope which is the best thing that anyone can do.

The third is a good conclusion. Even if it is not the best, it gave us a good ending. It is left open for a sequel which I hope won’t happen because this is the best trilogy. In all three movies, we literally go to the past, present and future. We get to see changes in decades from one city, Hills Valley. Also the decades that they go to in the first two movies have a distance of 30 years. 1955 to 1985 and 1985 to 2015.

Every Tuesday, Honest Trailers pick a movie to talk about and today they created a special just for Back To The Future. They pointed out the fact that most scenes are repeated and after watching all three, I have to agree. The storylines are similar. They go to a particular decades and accidentally mess with time. They have to try and change it back whilst fighting a bully and get back to 1985. Also, in every film, there is a scene where Marty thinks that he is dreaming and he wakes up startled by his mother (or great great great grandmother) in a particular time period. They may all be similar but it doesn’t make a difference because they are all special in their own way and it doesn’t change the fact that they have and will live on forever.

P.S. A special Back To The Future box set has been released for the 30th anniversary which has the TV show and exclusive scenes.


Suffragette (2015)

I really wanted to watch this film at the BFI festival but couldn’t because it was sold out. In the end, I wasn’t bothered by the fact that I missed it because it would be released in 5 days. When it finally came out, I had to watch it a week later because I was busy. It was also in the evening and I usually don’t like watching movies in the cinema late because I’m usually tired. At the end of the day, this is what I had to do.

Suffragette is about the women in the UK who fought for their right to vote. It focus on one particular character and her story, representing most women in that time.

I had high expectations for this movie and even though it didn’t meet them, it was still good. Women had a lot to deal with at that time with working in factories at a young age just to gain some money in their household, sexual assaults, not having custody of their child etc.

Carey Mullegun is excellent. Helena Bonham Carter was good and so was Anne-Marie Duff. Meryl Streep wasn’t in it for long but character was a major part of the movement because she is the leader.
If you know the history, you would know that a certain death had an effect on how they changed the law and it’s really sad that something like that needs to happen before any changes occur.The movie is a bit slow with some unnecessary scenes that could be cut out. This makes it not as perfect as it should be.

Before I watched Suffragette, I read an article about race in the movie. Someone mentioned the fact that only one race is represented. Usually, I don’t let this get into my head but I couldn’t help but think about this during Suffragette. Mainly because at the same time, there were British Indian women fighting for their right to vote. I think this could have had an affect on how I perceive the movie.
It was good they had listed the countries and years they were able to get vote for women but I wish they could’ve done more, especially for different race who lived in the UK.

In the end, this is actually a great movie to watch and talks about history.I have given Suffragette a 6.5/10.

Truth (2015)

On my festival marathon, this is the last film to watch today. I’ve enjoyed the ride and the long journey. Like The Boy and the beast, I had no idea what this movie was going to be about.

A movie about a team of journalists who find out that former president George W Bush may not have been in the Vietnam War. When the story backfires, they must live with the consequences.

This is a movie about journalists. In journalism, it’s always hard to get the truth. Watching this movie, I realised that Cate’s character had similar reactions to her Blue Jasmine character. It could just be the acting that was similar but it shows that she is always great in her roles. Like some of the other movies that I have watched previously, I was surprised by the funny moments. It’s just weird sometimes when you watch a drama and see comedy but it is refreshing.

Cate’s character had to fight so hard to get her point across. It was difficult because she is a women and people expect her to act a certain way because of that. There was a seat where she was in a meeting and they asked if she wanted a break before they start because she is a women.  She did go about it all wrong in the end but that is what happens in this world. You try and find th truth and sometimes what you may find might backfire. It just unfortunate what came out of those circumstances.

In the end, it was good but you have to really concentrate to understand the film. It looks like Cate may get another nomination.

The Boy and The Beast (2015)

As part of the end of an era for Studio Ghibli, I am trying to watch every Japanese movie in the festival. The first one was When Marine was there and the second one is The Boy And The Beast. It is also part of my marathon to watch as much festival films in one day. This is the second.

A movie about a friendship between a boy and a mythical beast. 

A few minutes after this movie started, I thought, “this is no Studio Ghibli” in a bad way. I don’t know why. Maybe because I was tired but anyway, as soon as I got into it, it was interesting.

I like the way that Japanese films connect our world to mystical beings. It makes it more exciting than just normal people in the normal world. 

We get to see the world through the boys eyes. It’s amazing because we see this kid who believes that no one loves him to later find out that everyone cares and he does have a purpose. We also realise that everyone has darkness in them that can grow unless you are able to control it. 
I loved the relationship between the boy and the beast. It was funny and unique. They argue a lot but that’s how they connect. Even when the boy is a apprentice, he is still a teacher because he teaches the beast to be strong, after knowing that he had to do that most of his life. 

There were some shocking moments which I won’t spoil but it showed me that I was invested in this film and I loved it.
I have given it an 8.5/10. Anyone who loves Japanese anime should watch this. It’s great.

Goosebumps (2015)

In the past, I hardly watched the TV show and I think that I have only read one of the books. Even so, I admired the series and what R.L. Stine created. When the announcement for the movie came out, I was pretty excited but when the first trailer came out, all that hope faded away.

A boy moves from the big city to a small town And meets the girl living next door. He finds out that she has a protective father who is R L Stine. As he starts to get closer to the girl, he discovers their dark secrets, that Stine’s books come to life. After letting a dangerous character out of the book, he and his friends must find a way to put them back where they belong.

I was lucky to see this in the BFI London Film Festival. This movie is cheesy. There are constant jump scares throughout. They are fine at first. After the fifth one in the first 20 minutes of the movie, it gets on your nerves. It is all over the place. At times, you get really into it but after a while, you just want it to end. Jack Black does this really weird voice throughout but he’s still good.

The comedy was pushed a bit too much. I can tell that they are forcing us to laugh. The relationship between the boy and the girl in the movie was good at first and then it got weird, especially near the end when you find something out. You just think that it shouldn’t happens at all. The sidekick was predictable. A geek who’s awkward and weird. He likes a girl who doesn’t notice him and after he saves her life, she likes him. At least the main character didn’t have this storyline.

This movie is not all dome and gloom, there are some good moments. I chuckled at a few scenes, mainly because of the two police officers. The vantraliquest dummy was creepy as it should be. There are one or two edge of your seat moments, especially round the time when the movie starts to pick up. 

In the end, I don’t think that I would’ve watch this when it is released worldwide but it is a good movie for kids who love halloween because there are some scary moments.

Brooklyn (2015)

Every time I tried to watch this film during the festival, I have been busy. On this day, I had finished uni a bit earlier than intended which meant that I had enough time to go to a screening. I was also lucky enough that there were some tickets available and as usual, I was there a few minutes late.

Brooklyn is about an Irish girl named Ellis in the 1950s. She immigrantes to New York in order to get a better life for herself.

This movie was great. It wasn’t how I expected it to be but it was still good. Saoirse Ronan has always been an amazing actress. Every movie that she is in, she’s fantastic. I loved her character. I was surprised that there were funny moments because watching the trailer, it looked more like a romantic drama. Julie Walters always provides the funny moments as usual. I have been a big fan since Harry Potter.

This is a drama so there are going to be some sad moments and life lessons. Wathcing this made me realise that sometimes you can grow out of your norm life whether it is living in another country or growing up. Your old life feels like a comfort zone but in end, you still want to go back to your new life. I feel like that at times. I like going home but I want to be at university because i know that my life will move forward there.  

In the end, I was glad that I was able to watch this early. 7/10

Room (2015)

This is the fifth movie that I have watched in the festival. I have been a fan of Brie Larson since Short Term 12 and I was excited to watch this movie just for her.

The movie is about a mother and her 5 year old son who are trapped in a room. All they know is that environment until one day, they finally escape. Now they have to evolve in a world that the mother hasn’t seen for years and the boy doesn’t know anything about.

This movie was intense. Its hard to imagine being locked in a room for many years and trying every day to make everything seem like it’s perfect, especially when you have a child. 

Watching this film just made me think about all those women who have been kidnapped and impregnated by men with no way of escape expected through their own child. You can tell that their children give them the strength for hope. Hope that they will be rescued one day and are able to see their loved ones. I was surprised to see the aftermath of them being rescued. It was interesting because the whole time, we felt as if we were them, either the mother or the child because we don’t get to see the outside world until they do.
I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a child that hasn’t seen the outdoors and hasn’t been in contact with anyone apart from your mother. Brie Larson does a terrific job as always and I hope that she gets an Oscar for ether this or any movies she has out in the future which are drama. She is an underrated actor. The little boy in this movie was fantastic. He will definitely get a young Hollywood award.

In the end, I was glad that I did everything in my power to be able to see this because it is a must see.I have given this movie an 8.5/10.

P.S. If you’ve never watch Short Term 12, what are you waiting. Get it on DVD, Blu Ray or digital format and watch it now. It’s incredible.

Update 11th January 2016: Love this film even more after watching it the second time. 9.5/10

He Named Me Malala (2015)

So far, this festival has been amazing. I have watched two amazing movies. This one is completely different. 

It’s a documentary about a girl who just wanted to get an education in her own country and spoke about it. After something tragic and life threatening happens, it changed her life.

Watching this movie made me want to appreciate education even more. There are a lot of people, especially girls who don’t get the education. They are usually married at a young age or they are uneducated. This girl believes that it is more important than anything else. It is true because education helps us become better people in this world. She gets upset when she gets 60% in an exam and I’m just glad that I actually passed.

I think that the one person who should be praised on how her views are is her father. He never discouraged her from getting the education. He even named her after a warrior who created peace and reasoning in the war. It’s as if he knew his daughter would have an effect in the world for better. That is all you want from your close family. Even at the beginning of the movie, they are treated as equals with a little difference here and there but nothing to discourage us from how we learn.

I love that whilst they are telling us their stories, we get to see animation shots, making it more effective than word of mouth. You also find out before Malala had public speaking in her country, she already tried to speak out about her own life, through a British reporter’s eyes. A lot of people may think that her father pushed her to do this but she did this on her own. It shows a lot of people that us women do have our own voice. She is also supported by her whole family which makes this all important.

At the end, this movie did feel a bit too long but I enjoyed it. 8/10.

When Marnie Was There (2015)

After watching Howls Moving Castle for the first time in March, I have been obsessed with Studio Ghibli movies. This made the announcement that the studio wasn’t making any more feature films upsetting to me. This is one of the only few popular studios that still creates hand-drawn animation and now they were no more. When they announced their last movie in the film festival, I knew I had to watch it and lucky enough, I was able to get tickets on time.

A girl named Anna visits her aunt and uncle at the seaside. Whilst on this trip, she stumbles upon a mansion and meets a mysterious girl named Marnie. They become instant friends and the more and more Anna visits her, the more and more she finds out about her mysterious friend.

Because this was a movie that is part of the festival, the first release in the UK and it is shown on a Saturday, a day when families usually go out, I assumed that they would show the English version. I didn’t know that because it is part of a film festival that supports worldwide cinema, they would show it in the origin. 

I got there a few minutes late but still, it was incredible. I love watching movies as part of a festival because at the end, everyone clapped. Even though we had to read the subtitles, everyone had a reaction at the same time. The movie was strange but at the end of the day, it was my kind of strange. It’s about a girl who just wants to feel loved by a family or friend and finds out that she had that all along, whilst discovering some history. 

The animation style was spectacular as usual. I’m really going to miss it. I even found myself crying at some parts because it was emotional as a whole. There were surprisingly some scary scenes so I think you would have to be careful if you would like to bring young ones to see it. 

In the end, I was glad that I got to watch it before January and it is a great end to a fantastic studio that will live on forever. 9.5/10 because I missed a bit.

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