So far, this festival has been amazing. I have watched two amazing movies. This one is completely different. 

It’s a documentary about a girl who just wanted to get an education in her own country and spoke about it. After something tragic and life threatening happens, it changed her life.

Watching this movie made me want to appreciate education even more. There are a lot of people, especially girls who don’t get the education. They are usually married at a young age or they are uneducated. This girl believes that it is more important than anything else. It is true because education helps us become better people in this world. She gets upset when she gets 60% in an exam and I’m just glad that I actually passed.

I think that the one person who should be praised on how her views are is her father. He never discouraged her from getting the education. He even named her after a warrior who created peace and reasoning in the war. It’s as if he knew his daughter would have an effect in the world for better. That is all you want from your close family. Even at the beginning of the movie, they are treated as equals with a little difference here and there but nothing to discourage us from how we learn.

I love that whilst they are telling us their stories, we get to see animation shots, making it more effective than word of mouth. You also find out before Malala had public speaking in her country, she already tried to speak out about her own life, through a British reporter’s eyes. A lot of people may think that her father pushed her to do this but she did this on her own. It shows a lot of people that us women do have our own voice. She is also supported by her whole family which makes this all important.

At the end, this movie did feel a bit too long but I enjoyed it. 8/10.