After watching Howls Moving Castle for the first time in March, I have been obsessed with Studio Ghibli movies. This made the announcement that the studio wasn’t making any more feature films upsetting to me. This is one of the only few popular studios that still creates hand-drawn animation and now they were no more. When they announced their last movie in the film festival, I knew I had to watch it and lucky enough, I was able to get tickets on time.

A girl named Anna visits her aunt and uncle at the seaside. Whilst on this trip, she stumbles upon a mansion and meets a mysterious girl named Marnie. They become instant friends and the more and more Anna visits her, the more and more she finds out about her mysterious friend.

Because this was a movie that is part of the festival, the first release in the UK and it is shown on a Saturday, a day when families usually go out, I assumed that they would show the English version. I didn’t know that because it is part of a film festival that supports worldwide cinema, they would show it in the origin. 

I got there a few minutes late but still, it was incredible. I love watching movies as part of a festival because at the end, everyone clapped. Even though we had to read the subtitles, everyone had a reaction at the same time. The movie was strange but at the end of the day, it was my kind of strange. It’s about a girl who just wants to feel loved by a family or friend and finds out that she had that all along, whilst discovering some history. 

The animation style was spectacular as usual. I’m really going to miss it. I even found myself crying at some parts because it was emotional as a whole. There were surprisingly some scary scenes so I think you would have to be careful if you would like to bring young ones to see it. 

In the end, I was glad that I got to watch it before January and it is a great end to a fantastic studio that will live on forever. 9.5/10 because I missed a bit.