Every time I tried to watch this film during the festival, I have been busy. On this day, I had finished uni a bit earlier than intended which meant that I had enough time to go to a screening. I was also lucky enough that there were some tickets available and as usual, I was there a few minutes late.

Brooklyn is about an Irish girl named Ellis in the 1950s. She immigrantes to New York in order to get a better life for herself.

This movie was great. It wasn’t how I expected it to be but it was still good. Saoirse Ronan has always been an amazing actress. Every movie that she is in, she’s fantastic. I loved her character. I was surprised that there were funny moments because watching the trailer, it looked more like a romantic drama. Julie Walters always provides the funny moments as usual. I have been a big fan since Harry Potter.

This is a drama so there are going to be some sad moments and life lessons. Wathcing this made me realise that sometimes you can grow out of your norm life whether it is living in another country or growing up. Your old life feels like a comfort zone but in end, you still want to go back to your new life. I feel like that at times. I like going home but I want to be at university because i know that my life will move forward there.  

In the end, I was glad that I was able to watch this early. 7/10