In the past, I hardly watched the TV show and I think that I have only read one of the books. Even so, I admired the series and what R.L. Stine created. When the announcement for the movie came out, I was pretty excited but when the first trailer came out, all that hope faded away.

A boy moves from the big city to a small town And meets the girl living next door. He finds out that she has a protective father who is R L Stine. As he starts to get closer to the girl, he discovers their dark secrets, that Stine’s books come to life. After letting a dangerous character out of the book, he and his friends must find a way to put them back where they belong.

I was lucky to see this in the BFI London Film Festival. This movie is cheesy. There are constant jump scares throughout. They are fine at first. After the fifth one in the first 20 minutes of the movie, it gets on your nerves. It is all over the place. At times, you get really into it but after a while, you just want it to end. Jack Black does this really weird voice throughout but he’s still good.

The comedy was pushed a bit too much. I can tell that they are forcing us to laugh. The relationship between the boy and the girl in the movie was good at first and then it got weird, especially near the end when you find something out. You just think that it shouldn’t happens at all. The sidekick was predictable. A geek who’s awkward and weird. He likes a girl who doesn’t notice him and after he saves her life, she likes him. At least the main character didn’t have this storyline.

This movie is not all dome and gloom, there are some good moments. I chuckled at a few scenes, mainly because of the two police officers. The vantraliquest dummy was creepy as it should be. There are one or two edge of your seat moments, especially round the time when the movie starts to pick up. 

In the end, I don’t think that I would’ve watch this when it is released worldwide but it is a good movie for kids who love halloween because there are some scary moments.