As part of the end of an era for Studio Ghibli, I am trying to watch every Japanese movie in the festival. The first one was When Marine was there and the second one is The Boy And The Beast. It is also part of my marathon to watch as much festival films in one day. This is the second.

A movie about a friendship between a boy and a mythical beast. 

A few minutes after this movie started, I thought, “this is no Studio Ghibli” in a bad way. I don’t know why. Maybe because I was tired but anyway, as soon as I got into it, it was interesting.

I like the way that Japanese films connect our world to mystical beings. It makes it more exciting than just normal people in the normal world. 

We get to see the world through the boys eyes. It’s amazing because we see this kid who believes that no one loves him to later find out that everyone cares and he does have a purpose. We also realise that everyone has darkness in them that can grow unless you are able to control it. 
I loved the relationship between the boy and the beast. It was funny and unique. They argue a lot but that’s how they connect. Even when the boy is a apprentice, he is still a teacher because he teaches the beast to be strong, after knowing that he had to do that most of his life. 

There were some shocking moments which I won’t spoil but it showed me that I was invested in this film and I loved it.
I have given it an 8.5/10. Anyone who loves Japanese anime should watch this. It’s great.