On my festival marathon, this is the last film to watch today. I’ve enjoyed the ride and the long journey. Like The Boy and the beast, I had no idea what this movie was going to be about.

A movie about a team of journalists who find out that former president George W Bush may not have been in the Vietnam War. When the story backfires, they must live with the consequences.

This is a movie about journalists. In journalism, it’s always hard to get the truth. Watching this movie, I realised that Cate’s character had similar reactions to her Blue Jasmine character. It could just be the acting that was similar but it shows that she is always great in her roles. Like some of the other movies that I have watched previously, I was surprised by the funny moments. It’s just weird sometimes when you watch a drama and see comedy but it is refreshing.

Cate’s character had to fight so hard to get her point across. It was difficult because she is a women and people expect her to act a certain way because of that. There was a seat where she was in a meeting and they asked if she wanted a break before they start because she is a women.  She did go about it all wrong in the end but that is what happens in this world. You try and find th truth and sometimes what you may find might backfire. It just unfortunate what came out of those circumstances.

In the end, it was good but you have to really concentrate to understand the film. It looks like Cate may get another nomination.