Today, I want to do something special. Instead of posting three different reviews for the movies, I thought that I could combined it into one and talk about the most memorable moments about the films. I’ll also talk about what they mean to me and some things that I have noticed while re watching them.

I don’t remember the first time I watched the movies but I do remember that they have been there for most of my life. I feel like these movies are my Star Wars. Every time I watch them, I never get bored. I always get excited when anybody talks about them.

If anyone asks me to pick one out of the three, I would choose the first movie. It has so many iconic moments, most importantly, Marty Mcfly playing Johnny B Goode at a high school acne in 1955. I can rewatch that scene a million times. It has a perfect storyline and gave us incredible quotes such as “Great Scott”, “This is heavy” and best of all, “Roads, where we’re going we don’t need, Roads”. It is also the one that started it all, bringing Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson and Robert Zemeckis into the movie scenery. It makes us believe that time travel can be possible.

The second movie is the reason why we are celebrating this day. Marty went to the future (21st October 2015) to help his future kids. He went with his girlfriend Jennifer and I didn’t notice before until watching this back to back that they used a different actress in the second movie. What he saw in the future were flying cars, hoverboards, an interactive hologram for Jaws 19, Flat screen TVs and so on. Back then, a lot of people were talking about how excited they were to see the future. Now, everyone is talking about how they got the future wrong. Looking back at everything they predicted, all I can do is applaud the whole team. They had a big imagination and even knowing that they may be wrong in the future, they wanted to create something that no one has seen before. They also gave people hope which is the best thing that anyone can do.

The third is a good conclusion. Even if it is not the best, it gave us a good ending. It is left open for a sequel which I hope won’t happen because this is the best trilogy. In all three movies, we literally go to the past, present and future. We get to see changes in decades from one city, Hills Valley. Also the decades that they go to in the first two movies have a distance of 30 years. 1955 to 1985 and 1985 to 2015.

Every Tuesday, Honest Trailers pick a movie to talk about and today they created a special just for Back To The Future. They pointed out the fact that most scenes are repeated and after watching all three, I have to agree. The storylines are similar. They go to a particular decades and accidentally mess with time. They have to try and change it back whilst fighting a bully and get back to 1985. Also, in every film, there is a scene where Marty thinks that he is dreaming and he wakes up startled by his mother (or great great great grandmother) in a particular time period. They may all be similar but it doesn’t make a difference because they are all special in their own way and it doesn’t change the fact that they have and will live on forever.

P.S. A special Back To The Future box set has been released for the 30th anniversary which has the TV show and exclusive scenes.