I got the opportunity to go to a special screening before the release of this movie.

This film is set during the Cold War. An American lawyer has to defend a Soviet Spy after he was recruited.

This film is a bit slow but when it gets interesting, you’re hooked. Tom Hanks gives a stellar performance as always. His character always did what a lawyer was supposed to do, help his client in any way that he could, whether it would be positive or negative. It made him the most hated man in America and the most liked man in America. There are some scenes that are just powerful with his face expressions. Mark Rylance is incredible as well. His character knows that there could be a chance where he may or may not live but he is always positive. 

This movie is very important because it tells us that we should always follow the law and give people their rights, especially if they are an American and have been for a long time.

I have talked about the movie being slow and this is its problem. There are a couple of pacing issues that can take you out of the film, particularly at the beginning. They were able to solve it later on but sometimes it can be a bit too late (especially since a few people left the screening early). 

In the end, this is a must see, despite pacing issues. I have given this an 8.5/10.
P.S. Great screenplay by the Coen brothers.