When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I wasn’t as excited as most people. It just reminded me of Brave and how they tried to make it mysterious but there was nothing special. It wasn’t until I saw the second trailer that I got more excited as I knew a bit more about the story. 
The Good Dinosaur is a movie that shows what might’ve happened if there was comet to destroy the dinosaur? How will humans and dinosaurs live together on earth?

Before I talk about this movie, I want to talk about the short shown before the main feature because Pixar are known for their shorts. I remember seeing the first clip on YouTube and I wanted to make sure that I got to the cinema on time to see it in full. I have to say that I loved it, every minute of it. It is based on a somewhat true story and it’s amazing. I don’t really want to give much away but it’s about Superheroes, religion, and father and son. I would really love to see it again and I’m sure it would get nominated for an Oscar.Now the main event, The Good Dinosaur. 

This film is emotional, especially when you see the bond between the dinosaur and the human. In this situation, the human is the dog and the dinosaur is the human. The human even has the name Spot. The two may not understand each other language wise but emotionally, they have the same feeling. There is one scene in the movie that might make people cry in particular because it is just that powerful. There were some scenes that made me chuckle. I’m even laughing just thinking about them. It is a journey film which is similar to the Land Before Time and is a good thing because that film is great.

It gives a great lesson to kids about fear. You will never get rid of your fear but there are ways that you can overcome it and seem brave. This is why I love Pixar. They give kids great life lessons and messages such as this.

The whole time I was watching this, I was thinking that the film looks visually stunning. Some of the land looks crisp and clear, making it look lifelike. The 3D gives it an edge making it more special and an unforgettable experience.

I was debating on the rating between 8 and 9. At times, it felt like a 9 but the way some scenes rushed made me want to but the rating back a bit.

In the end, I have decided to give it an 8 because I don’t know if I might watch it again but it is well worth a view. 
P.S if you do plan on watching this, look out for the hidden Disney logo in the movie.