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December 2015

The Top 6 Worst Movies Of 2015

This year has been a mediocre year for movies. There are a lot of films that came out and were either okay or not what I was expecting. This could be in a good, bad or disappointing way(I’m talking about you Spectre).  Every year I try to do a list of the best and worst movies of that year. This year,I have decided to do a top 6 list, mainly because there is a movie that I wanted to add to my best list and I didn’t want to take anything out.

First, I’m going to start with some hounorable or  in this case, dishonourable mentions. P.S there may be some movies on the list that I have never mentioned before. This is because I haven’t had time or I have tried to forget about them and the only way I can is to only talk about them once. Also most of the movies on the list are here because they had potential but didn’t reach them.

Honourable Mentions

The Duff

When I reviewed this film, I gave it a 4.5. Looking back, I can see that I was being harsh. The movie wasn’t all that bad, it was just disappointing for me. I expected so much more and I got so little from it. Some of the actors are good, I’m still a huge fan of Mae Whitmen. She is one of my favourite actress out there. From Avater: The Last Airbender (the TV show, not the movie) to Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, her characters are always great to see. I think I was and still am sick and tired of the same adult humour that they use in films. It could’ve had an influence on my rating so for that, I decided to look back and have changed my rating. It is still on this list because as I have said before in my other review, it is forgettable. I forgot the movie even came out this year. I have added 1.5 to my rating and in the end, it’s a 6/10.

Last year, a movie about secondary characters came out and I hated it. This is because secondary characters are only funny for the main movie they feature in. Once you try to give them a serious story, they are not as good as they used to be. This is what happened with Minions.

This film is about the minions finding an evil master. This all happens before they meet Gru.

I have never reviewed this movie before, mainly because I don’t have a lot to say. In my previous notes, I only have two sentences to describe the film. The first note that I wrote is this is actually better than Penguins of Madagascar. It has the comedy that I wanted from the trailer, but there was only one problem. The jokes that are shown in the trailer are the only funny moments in the movie. The rest are just predictable and don’t bring anything new. I get that it is not for me but the reason the minions worked in the first place was because they seemed like characters that all ages will be able to enjoy. Heck, there were even more adults than kids in my screening.

The second note that I wrote is that it tries to use nostalgia to bring adults into the game by playing Jimi Hendrix music. It didn’t work and was kinda sad. In the end, this was enjoyable at times but it was disappointing. 5/10.

6. Chappie

I actually forgot that this movie was released this year. It was a disappointment as it had so much going for it. Instead, it had a main character that I hated, a weak villian and might have ruined the director’s chances to make an Alien movie. It’s not as boring as Elysium but it is forgetful. It has premiered on TV right now and I’ve tried everything to avoid it. My rating is still the same as my first viewing, 4.5/10.
5. Home

This is another movie that I also had two sentences jotted down in my notes. I got to watch this early at a special screening. I was dreading the viewing because A, it’s a kids move and B, it doesn’t look good.

An alien lands on Earth and finds himself on the run from his own people.  On the fun, he meets a young girl and together, they find out the true meaning of Home.

My first opinion was right. It wasn’t good. I just wanted leave the cinema after the first scene. This is another movie that isn’t aimed for me and I would’ve given it the benefit of the doubt. The only thing is that there are kids movies such as How To Train Your Dragon and Toy Story that can be aimed for kids but still be intelligent and incredible. Then I realised that this movie is completely different because it is basically a Rihanna advertisement. Every 10 minutes, they would play a Rihanna song. The characters would do this weird cartoon dance that was embarrassing at times. It has a good concept but its overshadowed by the music.

To conclude, I don’t want to watch this movie again. It feels a bit bland especially for a kids movie. It gets an 3.5/10 for trying to give us a story that failed.

4. Pitch Perfect 2

I loved Pitch Perfect. I didn’t expect to as I thought it would try too hard to be funny but it had just the right amount of comedy. The idea for a sequel excited me until I saw the trailer. This movie turned out to be what I thought the first film was going to be. It’s a big drop from the first one and I’m not excited for the third one. The only reason this isn’t higher up the list is the fact that that one of the characters had an interesting backstory and I am still holding on hope that this franchise won’t go downhill (Yes, this is a franchise like fast and furious). 4.5/10

3. Fant4stic

In my original review, I used the initial title name but this time, I decided to use the advertised name. Fant4stic was a really bad movie. It had the same serious tone throughout which can be good for a movie if it has a good plot. This movie wanted to try and mix comedy and drama together but it didn’t work at all. They should’ve just pick one tone and stuck to it. The biggest problem is that there is so much build up that the climax feels rushed. They even have to jump a year because the build up took most of the story. Everything falls apart which makes this movie get a 4/10 instead of a 4.5/10. I lose hope in the film everytime I think about it.

2. Pixels

I know that I should’ve expected this to be a bad movie from the beginning. Adam Sandler hasn’t done a good comedic film since The Wedding Singer so it was no suprise that this movie was going to be bad. The only thing was it actually had a good concept. Who wouldn’t want to see how people react when video games are real and they have to play them in the real world in order to save the universe? The only thing is that everyone here is out of date with comedy. Nothing is funny. It’s extremely bland and I’m glad I don’t have to acknowledge this movie ever again after this review. It still gets a 1.5/10.

1. Pan

Going into this movie, I knew it was going to be bad. Not because of the reviews but because of the trailers. They were not intreging at all. It was the last week for the movie’s release and I thought that I should at least give it a chance.

Pan is an origin story of Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up.

Oh my goodness, this was so bad. As soon as you see kid Peter Pan in the orphanage, it goes downhill from there and this is 8 minutes into the film. The nuns at the orphanage are cartoonish. The main actor isn’t great but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because he is a kid and this is his first role. The pirates were so annoying and they sang Smells Like Teen Spirit. SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT IN A PETER PAN MOVIE, WHY?

From then on, I forgot what happened. Something about Peter being the chosen one. Tiger Lily appears. Bad CGI. Blackbeard bad.Pixie dust for eternal life. Good wins. This is all I can gather. All the characters annoyed me but the one who got on my nerves the most was James Hook. I don’t know why but he would always talk from one side of his face. They made me hate that character.

In the end, I don’t really remember everything that happened, I hated this so much and I just want to forget about it altogether. I’ve given it a 0.5/10 because the first 8 minutes are good. It is definitely the worst movie that I have watched this year and I’m glad that I only had to talk about it in this review.

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Joy (2015)

This is the third David O. Russell movie that I have watched and the third colander with Jennifer Lawrence. The first was Silver Linings Playbook which is one of my favourite movies of 2012. The second was American Hustle which I didn’t enjoy as much as everyone else. It was fine but weak after the movie that is Silver Linings. For Joy, I didn’t know what to expect. The reviews were mixed from what I had heard.

Joy is a film about the women who created the miracle mop. It shows her life and struggles she had to overcome to be the business women that she is now.

I got to watch this at an early screening and I have to say that I enJOYed it (get it). It obviously isn’t the best movie but I love the journey the character goes through. We start off with a little back story of her past and go into the future where her life isn’t perfect. She looks back and wonders what went wrong instead of looking into the future. It must have been hard for Joy because she always put everyone first and it took a long time for her to do something she wanted to do.

We do get a few flashbacks here and there. Whilst they were great and told us a significant part of how she ended up in this position, I did forget the main story at times. I get why they did that but I can also understand if someone doesn’t like the movie because of this. I on the other hand found it to be strong when it got the point across. Watching this can encourage a lot of people, particularly women to follow their dreams. At times, things may not work out and it might not be easy, but if you work hard, you can accomplish anything.

I have yet to see a bad performance from Jennifer Lawrence, she is amazing. Her and David’s teamwork is the best. They always create great performances and exceptional characters on screen. It’s like Leonardo Di Carprio and Martin Scorsese. Robert Di Niro and Bradley Cooper are also amazing in this movie. The performances altogether are great. There is no bad actor in this film.

I have given this an 8/10. I loved it and I will probably watch it again because of the performance and the message, never give up on your dream and someday, you will do something great.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Last year was the first time I had ever watched a Star Wars movie. Nobody in my family has ever watched it so I’ve never grown up with it. I watched the prequels first which I think was the wrong choice when I look back. They were horrible as expected and I didn’t want to hate the originals so I waited for a year to watch them. This year, I finally saw the original trilogy. A New Hope was interesting and I was able to follow the story but after Obi Wan died, it was still going on and I got bored. From then on, I tried to watch the other two but I could never get into it. I knew then that Star Wars was over for me, even though it never started. I still wanted to be part of the fandom, even though it annoyed me when people say it’s the best franchise in the world. So I told myself that I would watch The Force Awakens and if JJ Abrams, the guy who made me fall in love with Star Trek couldn’t convince me to invest in Star Wars, then it’s over for me and I should just give up. So here it is, my verdict on the Force Awakens.


30 years after the Galactic Empire was defeated a new threat. This time, they come as the First Order.

Guess what, I’m a fan of Star Wars. I never thought this day would come but it did. I was following the story throughout and even though I got pulled out the film a couple of times (especially with the scenes of the revelation fighting) I still enjoyed it. As soon as the opening title comes up, I knew that something big was going to happen. There was humour in this and I loved it. For someone who wasn’t a fan before, I was surprised by how many times I geeked out when I saw characters from the previous films. It happened a lot.

It does feel a bit long at times but something amazing happens and you forget about the time. I already knew a major spoiler before watching this and I thought that it might ruin my experience. It did sort of but even not knowing it was going to happen, I would have expected it.

The new characters are incredible. I’ve always known that John Boyoga was a great actor from seeing clips of him in Attack The Block when it first came out and his character was great. Daisy is an incredible actress. I loved her character so much and the journey that she goes through is good. I love the characteristics she has as it makes me cheer for every time. Harrison Ford as Han Solo was amazing. The villain was good, much better than marvel villains. He was more human than I thought he was going to be. I never knew that I could enjoy as CGI character as much as I did when I saw Lupita N’yongo’s character. She wasn’t in it as much but her character is so wise and charismatic. I wish she was in it more.

Oscar Issac who plays Po was good. I didn’t see a lot of him and wish that he was in it more. BB-8 is so cute. I really want to buy a BB-8 toy now. I like that C-3P0 didn’t have a big part like most of the films because he did get on my nerves in the past.

The score was unbelievable. I found myself getting lost in the music. John Williams is great.

In the end, I enjoyed this film a lot. It could also be because the guy who wrote The Force Awakens also wrote Toy Story 3. Or it could be that Star Wars is the best. All I know is that I will watch this again, maybe in 3D this time and I can’t wait until the next one.

I have given this an 8/10. Well done JJ. You turned someone into a Star Wars fan and made it even better than the original.

Update 26th December 2015:

Watched it again and it gets better every time. 8.5/10

In the Heart Of The Sea (2015)

I went to a secret screening so I didn’t know what movie I would watch.There were a couple of films that could’ve been shown at the screening, but I was hoping it would be this film because I’ve already seen Snoopy.A few people thought it would be Star Wars even though we got told that it wouldn’t be this movie. I kind of wanted it to be that film even though I’m not a fan of the franchise.

This film is about the true story that inspired the novel, Moby Dick.

This movie was ok. Took a long time to get into it. Once you do, it has some great parts and some slow parts. I got bored a couple of times and some scene didn’t feel as intense as it should be.  It has a Cast Away feel to it at some point but cast away is better.

Some of the actions were expected such as the cannibal scene. If you are out at sea for a long time with no food or water, you would end up eating a human at some stage. It was still horrifying to see. I didn’t like that it still continued after they come back from being on sea. This is not a film that I want to watch again.

I have given it a 4/10 because the whale was the best part but the film isn’t actually focused on the whale.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie (2015)

In the UK, there was an advanced screening for this movie but I missed out on it. I was so happy that they decided to do another one this week. I’m not really a big Snoopy and Charlie Brown fan but I do know about them and I’ve seen some of the comic strips. Watching the trailer, I was even more interested and excited to see this.


Charlie Brown embarks on a quest to win the heart of the love of his life. Snoopy also embarks on his own mission to defeat his arch-nemesis.

This film is so sweet. At times, it can be a bit too child friendly for my liking but I still smiled throughout. Charlie Brown is just a character who wants to belong and fit in. The only one who doesn’t judge him is Snoopy, his dog. I love that the film is about both the characters. We have Charlie’s story and Snoopy’s story and they have a good mixture of both. You didn’t feel like one was more focused that the other. They were equally panned out.
I love all the side characters in Charlie’s class. They were hilarious. I also love the bird that’s Snoopy’s friend. When the two are together, they have great comic timing.

There isn’t much that I can really say apart from the fact the storyline is simple and yet it works. It knows its aim and it gets to the point. The only thing that annoyed me slightly is the way the adults speak. I know they don’t want to focus on them and we have to acknowledge them but it go on my nerves at some point.

Overall, it was a great movie that I wouldn’t mind watching again. 8/10
P.S the cinema that I went to had the lights on for the first 20 minutes of the movie. It then switched off, came back on and swicted off again. I usually love that cinema but this one in particular needs to get that screen sorted, especially as 4 chairs were out of order.

Also, during the movie someone’s phone was ringing and they didn’t switch it off. 

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