In the UK, there was an advanced screening for this movie but I missed out on it. I was so happy that they decided to do another one this week. I’m not really a big Snoopy and Charlie Brown fan but I do know about them and I’ve seen some of the comic strips. Watching the trailer, I was even more interested and excited to see this.


Charlie Brown embarks on a quest to win the heart of the love of his life. Snoopy also embarks on his own mission to defeat his arch-nemesis.

This film is so sweet. At times, it can be a bit too child friendly for my liking but I still smiled throughout. Charlie Brown is just a character who wants to belong and fit in. The only one who doesn’t judge him is Snoopy, his dog. I love that the film is about both the characters. We have Charlie’s story and Snoopy’s story and they have a good mixture of both. You didn’t feel like one was more focused that the other. They were equally panned out.
I love all the side characters in Charlie’s class. They were hilarious. I also love the bird that’s Snoopy’s friend. When the two are together, they have great comic timing.

There isn’t much that I can really say apart from the fact the storyline is simple and yet it works. It knows its aim and it gets to the point. The only thing that annoyed me slightly is the way the adults speak. I know they don’t want to focus on them and we have to acknowledge them but it go on my nerves at some point.

Overall, it was a great movie that I wouldn’t mind watching again. 8/10
P.S the cinema that I went to had the lights on for the first 20 minutes of the movie. It then switched off, came back on and swicted off again. I usually love that cinema but this one in particular needs to get that screen sorted, especially as 4 chairs were out of order.

Also, during the movie someone’s phone was ringing and they didn’t switch it off.