I went to a secret screening so I didn’t know what movie I would watch.There were a couple of films that could’ve been shown at the screening, but I was hoping it would be this film because I’ve already seen Snoopy.A few people thought it would be Star Wars even though we got told that it wouldn’t be this movie. I kind of wanted it to be that film even though I’m not a fan of the franchise.

This film is about the true story that inspired the novel, Moby Dick.

This movie was ok. Took a long time to get into it. Once you do, it has some great parts and some slow parts. I got bored a couple of times and some scene didn’t feel as intense as it should be.  It has a Cast Away feel to it at some point but cast away is better.

Some of the actions were expected such as the cannibal scene. If you are out at sea for a long time with no food or water, you would end up eating a human at some stage. It was still horrifying to see. I didn’t like that it still continued after they come back from being on sea. This is not a film that I want to watch again.

I have given it a 4/10 because the whale was the best part but the film isn’t actually focused on the whale.