Last year was the first time I had ever watched a Star Wars movie. Nobody in my family has ever watched it so I’ve never grown up with it. I watched the prequels first which I think was the wrong choice when I look back. They were horrible as expected and I didn’t want to hate the originals so I waited for a year to watch them. This year, I finally saw the original trilogy. A New Hope was interesting and I was able to follow the story but after Obi Wan died, it was still going on and I got bored. From then on, I tried to watch the other two but I could never get into it. I knew then that Star Wars was over for me, even though it never started. I still wanted to be part of the fandom, even though it annoyed me when people say it’s the best franchise in the world. So I told myself that I would watch The Force Awakens and if JJ Abrams, the guy who made me fall in love with Star Trek couldn’t convince me to invest in Star Wars, then it’s over for me and I should just give up. So here it is, my verdict on the Force Awakens.


30 years after the Galactic Empire was defeated a new threat. This time, they come as the First Order.

Guess what, I’m a fan of Star Wars. I never thought this day would come but it did. I was following the story throughout and even though I got pulled out the film a couple of times (especially with the scenes of the revelation fighting) I still enjoyed it. As soon as the opening title comes up, I knew that something big was going to happen. There was humour in this and I loved it. For someone who wasn’t a fan before, I was surprised by how many times I geeked out when I saw characters from the previous films. It happened a lot.

It does feel a bit long at times but something amazing happens and you forget about the time. I already knew a major spoiler before watching this and I thought that it might ruin my experience. It did sort of but even not knowing it was going to happen, I would have expected it.

The new characters are incredible. I’ve always known that John Boyoga was a great actor from seeing clips of him in Attack The Block when it first came out and his character was great. Daisy is an incredible actress. I loved her character so much and the journey that she goes through is good. I love the characteristics she has as it makes me cheer for every time. Harrison Ford as Han Solo was amazing. The villain was good, much better than marvel villains. He was more human than I thought he was going to be. I never knew that I could enjoy as CGI character as much as I did when I saw Lupita N’yongo’s character. She wasn’t in it as much but her character is so wise and charismatic. I wish she was in it more.

Oscar Issac who plays Po was good. I didn’t see a lot of him and wish that he was in it more. BB-8 is so cute. I really want to buy a BB-8 toy now. I like that C-3P0 didn’t have a big part like most of the films because he did get on my nerves in the past.

The score was unbelievable. I found myself getting lost in the music. John Williams is great.

In the end, I enjoyed this film a lot. It could also be because the guy who wrote The Force Awakens also wrote Toy Story 3. Or it could be that Star Wars is the best. All I know is that I will watch this again, maybe in 3D this time and I can’t wait until the next one.

I have given this an 8/10. Well done JJ. You turned someone into a Star Wars fan and made it even better than the original.

Update 26th December 2015:

Watched it again and it gets better every time. 8.5/10