This is the third David O. Russell movie that I have watched and the third colander with Jennifer Lawrence. The first was Silver Linings Playbook which is one of my favourite movies of 2012. The second was American Hustle which I didn’t enjoy as much as everyone else. It was fine but weak after the movie that is Silver Linings. For Joy, I didn’t know what to expect. The reviews were mixed from what I had heard.

Joy is a film about the women who created the miracle mop. It shows her life and struggles she had to overcome to be the business women that she is now.

I got to watch this at an early screening and I have to say that I enJOYed it (get it). It obviously isn’t the best movie but I love the journey the character goes through. We start off with a little back story of her past and go into the future where her life isn’t perfect. She looks back and wonders what went wrong instead of looking into the future. It must have been hard for Joy because she always put everyone first and it took a long time for her to do something she wanted to do.

We do get a few flashbacks here and there. Whilst they were great and told us a significant part of how she ended up in this position, I did forget the main story at times. I get why they did that but I can also understand if someone doesn’t like the movie because of this. I on the other hand found it to be strong when it got the point across. Watching this can encourage a lot of people, particularly women to follow their dreams. At times, things may not work out and it might not be easy, but if you work hard, you can accomplish anything.

I have yet to see a bad performance from Jennifer Lawrence, she is amazing. Her and David’s teamwork is the best. They always create great performances and exceptional characters on screen. It’s like Leonardo Di Carprio and Martin Scorsese. Robert Di Niro and Bradley Cooper are also amazing in this movie. The performances altogether are great. There is no bad actor in this film.

I have given this an 8/10. I loved it and I will probably watch it again because of the performance and the message, never give up on your dream and someday, you will do something great.