This is the first time that I have watched the Oscars on Valentine’s Day. The BAFTA usually fall a week before or after Valentine’s Day. This year, I was a bit more interested in the nominees than last year. This is mainly due to the fact that I couldn’t decide who should win the EE rising star as most of the nominations are amazing, talented up and coming actors.

Best Animated Feature went to, of course, Inside Out. There is definitely no competition for this award. The winner from the beginning had been, hands down, Pixar. They are back with this animation. Even if The Good Dinosaur didn’t do well last year, you can’t deny the talent and heart that they put into their films.

As I have mentioned before, EE rising star was hard to decide, especially with nomaniees Brie Larson, John Boyega and Taron Egon amongst the mix. This is the only award that we get to vote for and in the end, I did cast my vote but I would’ve been happy if any of these three won. Luckily, they did with John Boyega being the standout star. He was incredible in Star Wars and even though I haven’t seen Attack The Block, the clips that I saw when the movie was released showed that he is talented. His speech was also incredible is the most memorable one of the night.

The winner for Supporting Actress could’ve gone two ways and in the end, went to Kate Winslet. She is one of the favourites in this category, along with Alicia Vikander. The Supporting Actor win was definitely the biggest shock of the night. The whole time, I thought it would go to Idris Elba for Beast Of No Nation. This award ended up going to the dark horse, Mark Rylance for Bridge Of Spies. I can’t really judge on this as I haven’t seen Beast. I have seen the other movie and can sort of tell why Mark won the award. It was just a bit of a shock, that’s all.

Best Director went to Alejandro González Iñárritu. Out of all the nomaniees listed, he was a good choice. In my opinion, I would’ve love to have seen Lenny Abrahason. Best Actor went to, of course, Leonardo DiCaprio. His speech was very sweet as he dedicated it to his mum. I was surprised to find out this is his first BAFTA. I thought he might have won previously but I guess not. If this doesn’t tell you he’ll win an Oscar this year, I don’t know what will.

After EE Rising Star, this was the second award of the night that I was most excited about. Even though I knew who was going to win, it was great to see Brie Larson win the award she deserves. She has been fantastic since Short Term 12. Sadly, she wasn’t there but the director for Room did receive the award for her. The biggest highlight for me was tweeting out how excited I was that she won and getting it liked by Brie herself. Here is a screen caption of the tweet.

Best Picture is the one that most people weren’t sure about. This is because in other award shows, there have been three contenders. They are Spotlight, The Revenant and The Big Short. The award went to The Revenant. Even though it did win this time, I think the Oscar will go to Spotlight. This is mainly because last year, Boyhood won a BAFTA but not an Oscar. I think the same thing will happen to The Revenant, especially because Birdman won last and I don’t think they want to give the award to the same person.

Overall, I enjoyed the award show a bit more than I did the previous year, mainly because we had interesting presenters and wins.

Look out for my next post where I predict the winner for the Oscars in all categories.