Ever since I was young, I have always been a Disney fan, particularly Disney animated. It has everything you want, incredible, iconic songs and amazing stories. Most recently, Disney have tried to become more diversified in term of the culture and characters they show which is inspiring. With princess such as Mulan and Tiana, Moana is the latest diverse character with a Polynesian background. Just from the first description of this film, I was already hooked. Luckily enough, I got to watch an early screening of this film before it’s UK release.

This movie is about a Chieftain’s daughter who is chosen by the Ocean to look for the demigod Maui after a curse threatens her island.

I enjoyed this movie so much. Everything from the look of it to the songs is breathtaking. I heard that this was supposed to be a 2D animation, especially since the directors had previously only created 2D films before but for Moana, I’m happy that they went down the 3D route. The computer animation looks stunning with the rich colours and i love the way the island and sea looks.

The songs are stuck in my head forever thanks to Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Mancina and Opetaia Foa’i. The Polynesian culture is used in a way that gives us some knowledge and makes me want to seek even more. The voice acting is amazing. I love how they looked for someone who was actually related to the culture. Auli’i is an incredible voice actor. The moment I found out she was going to be Moana, I could just tell that she would be amazing and incredible. Her singing voice is beautiful and fits perfectly well. Dwanye has been on a roll for a while and this role is no exception. He plays an all powerful God (Maui) and has probably the most memorable song of the movie. It’s alway nice to have Jermaine Clement in an animated movie because even though he is only there for a short time, he always stand out. 

The story used is a basic one that has been done many times, particularly within the Disney universe. This doesn’t have any negative effect on the movie because it is a good story and with all the features around it, it turns something simple into something effective. 
This film gets an 8/10. It’s an incredible piece of art that makes you appreciate the culture represent. Disney have done it again. I really want to watch it again and this time in 3D.

P.S. Like every Disney film, there are references to the previous animation, especially one after the credits. It’s a reference to one movie that has a resemblance to someone involved in this film.