As soon as I heard about this film, I knew I wanted to see it. This was before there was any trailer and it is because of one person. Christopher Nolan. His films are ones that actually make you think during and after the movie and it actually isn’t fed to you compared to most films out there. The first one that I actually saw from him was Inception. It was a film that blew me away 15 minutes after watching it and I am still confused by it till this day.

This film is about a team of explorers who have to go on a mission in space to save the Earth as it is coming to an end.

Interstellar was kind of a weak film compared to Inception. It started off with with a great father- daughter relationship which was a bit rushed but there was a reason why and there were great scenes in space. I was intrigued by the scenes in space and was happy to find out that most of the scenes where all real. This was great because you weren’t watching it and thinking that it was all CGI, you were watching it as a person who is in space and looking at all the surroundings.

Every since Matthew McConaughey has stopped doing romantic comedies, he has been a well respected actor who does films that inspire you. You always knew that his character cared about his family no matter what. Anne Hathaway was also really good in this film but this was all Matthew.

Now, I got to see this film in 70mm and I was a little worried about that but it just worked for the film altogether and blew my mind away. My favourite part of this whole film were the puzzles which makes me love Christopher’s films. You as well as the characters had to figure out the puzzles and what they could do to solve their problems which always put me on the edge of my seat even though I did lose concentration at the time. The only bad thing about this film was the ending. It just felt like a very low standard compared to the whole film and it was a bit unnecessary. I wanted them to leave me with suspense but they didn’t so it actually disappointed me.

This film is also about love and that love can change time. It is also an important message for the whole movie. The score by Hans Zimmer is pretty good but not as incredible as his other scores. To really understand and appreciate this film, as an audience and a critic, you would need to have 24 hours to really understand what it is telling you. Also, there is a surprise that I actually didn’t expect.

Overall I have given this film an 7/10. It is a great spectacle of a film but story-wise is a bit weak.

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